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Our Business is Badge Reels

We're a manufacturing and graphics company located in Ft Myers, FL USA. Our focus is on small
functional items that can be customized with a name, logo or message. Our in-house production and imprinting capabilities include laser engraving, hot stamping, screen printing, pad printing, full color process printing, metal embossing, computer controlled sewing operations, light die press operations and hand assembly. Our product line ranges from badge reels, id badge holders and id holder accessories to carabiner keychains, mini led flashlights, dog tags, customized license plate frames, lanyards and more - to promote your name or brand.

The focus of this site is badge reels and id badge holders and accessories. We have been in business and selling these products since 1981 and have developed expert knowledge regarding their design, function and customization techniques. We offer a wide selection of badge reels, id badge holders and id holder accessories at the absolute lowest prices. We take pride in the number of customers that we've serviced for many years.

Our product line is constantly evolving into new and exciting functional items either for personal use or business promotional events. We welcome any of your new product ideas as well as comments and/or suggestions regarding our existing line of products.

We hope you find this site useful in your search for id badge holders, badge reels and id holder accessories. Please contact us at 518-761-0313 at anytime with questions or for assistance with product selection.

Privacy Policy

The Badge Reel Authority Privacy Notice
We concern ourselves with the privacy of every individual that visits our website or inquires after our products.

Our Privacy Policy is in place to protect consumer information and assure an absolute safe online environment for current and potential customers. When ordering, each customer provides information regarding their contact address, phone number(s), shipping information, payment method, etc.

Customer Information:
When placing an order, each customer (whether purchasing online, over the phone, or via fax or email) provides specific information regarding their contact address, phone number(s), shipping information, payment method, etc. This information is used for the sole purpose of fulfilling the order and providing information regarding discounts or product offerings. Under no circumstances will the information be sold or divulged to third-party members, and can only be requested or modified by the actual purchaser or his/her authorized associates.

This privacy notice applies to the following items:
Contact Addresses
Shipping Addresses
Email Address
Phone Number
Secondary Phone Numbers
Payment Information (i.e. Credit/Debit Card Information)
Account and Login Information
Secondary Email Information

There are times when customers may contact us using a secondary email address (a different email address than the one they registered on file in our system). We may use these addresses to reply to the customer, but we observe the same strict confidentiality with such addresses as we do with the primary address.

Storing Customer Information
Upon submission of customer information, it immediately enters our secure internal database. This database is guarded by security access measures, meaning only those authorized to manage customer accounts can access the data and process the order. Customer information is kept on file for reordering purposes. It can be modified at any time by the actual customer if they contact one of our trained Branding Experts.

Protecting Childrens Privacy
The content of our website is reviewed and deemed to be completely safe for children’s use. To further protect children’s privacy, we do not accept or collect information from any person(s) ages 14 and under.

How To Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding this privacy notice, please contact us at 518.761.0313.


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